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May 25, 2017 at 03:26 PM

ADT SAP GUI integration causes bluescreens


On two different computers and two entirely separated SAP systems I am experiencing immediate bluescreens in various parts of the SAP GUI integration in the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse (ADT). I assume this issue has something to do with the latest big Windows 10 update (creators update 1703) since I never had these issues before.

So far I found these actions which trigger an immediate bluescreen (reproduce-able on both computers):

  • Open an Adobe Interactive Form definition and click on the layout tab (which should normally show an integrated Adobe form editor)
  • Open SM50 and click on a running process to display its current callstack
  • Create a function module and try to change its properties to be an update function module

Eclipse and its plugins are up to date. The SAP GUI installation is the one which comes with the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.50 SP2 Developer Edition. One SAP system is the developer edition one I just mentioned, the other is a retail system with AS ABAP 740 SP5.

The bluescreen will not be triggered when doing the above actions directly in SAP GUI (opened via SAP Logon and not in Eclipse).

I searched the SAP Notes but I can only find one which says SAP may never ever cause a bluescreen because it executes no source code in "kernel mode".

I could not find any relevant helpful information about the cause in Windows event viewer.

Is this a known issue or does anybody else experience this behavior? Since I got the same problem on two entirely separated systems I doubt it has something to do with my local installation / configuration.


bs1.png (480.3 kB)
bs2.png (538.3 kB)
bs3.png (949.3 kB)