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Mar 02, 2007 at 11:35 PM

Cardinality Issue - WD Model (Form) Integration with BAPI


Hi -

We have an issue with our forms editable fields are getting disabled (read only, we can not enter data) even though we have proper properties set.

Our developers are looking into a possible cardinality issue i.e. our form fields are test field and have a cardinality of 0..1, where as our bapi structure is showing a cardinality of 0..n for the corresponding field in bapi.

We had internal table as an export parameter so we though may be because of that we are getting 0..n. However we have changed the internal table to a type of structure and recreated a model mapped all the controller and context nodes back to the new structure and still get 0..n cardinality.

We have already researched on SDN logs and did not find any relevant answers.

Any one have any idea please make our weekend happy 😉 Developers are really working hard on Friday to close on this before they go home.