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Mar 03, 2007 at 12:10 AM

Using Debugger in DTP


Can somebody explain in step by step process on how to use debug mode in DTP.

I tried as explained by Andreas in this forum and it did not help. The simulation mode ends with greee ligt.

The process followed as follows...

1.) Enter the transformation you want to debug

2.) Pick the menu entry "Extras --> Generated Prgogram", and set a user break-point at the position you want to debug.

3.) Enter the maintenance of the corresponding DTP.

4.) Switch the execution mode to "Serially in the Dialog Process (for Debugging)" .

5.) Switch on any of the break-points needed by using the respective "Change" button, e.g. "Extaction Data Source" --> "Before Transformation".

6.) Execute the DTP. It should now stop first at the break-point defined 5.) and also in the break-point defined in your generated program for the transformation (see step 2.)).

This did not work.. Please advise...