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Mar 02, 2007 at 08:50 PM

InfoPackage ABAP Routine for Date Range - Only Start Date Extracted


I am using an ABAP Routine in an InfoPackage to select data for a 2 year period. The routine converts SY-DATUM into the Current Fiscal Year and Period, and then calculates the Starting and Ending Fiscal Year / Period of a 24 month period. The Start and End values are passed to the InfoPackage as l_t_range-low and l_t_range-high.

The Source and Target are both Basic Infocubes.

The InfoPackage executes successfully, and the Selection values on the Header tab of the monitor reflect a 24 month period. Unfortunately, on closer review of the data in the cube, only data for the first month appears to have been loaded. I’m guessing that the extract was only performed with the From value, even though a To value was also provided.

I created a simple Infopackage and manually input the selection parameter values just to be sure I wasn’t overlooking something. The InfoPackage performed as expected, loading more data which spanned the selection time period.

I can provide the code if it helps, but the fact that the monitor reflects a Start and End value suggests that the problem is with the InfoPackage, not the ABAP routine.

Has anybody ever experienced this before ? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated ?