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Mar 02, 2007 at 03:48 PM

Errors: Length for text entry field must be between 1 and 32


Hi Guys,

I have has the following error messgage when defining and using a text variable in a series of columns in a characteristic structure. In addition the text display does not work for 1 specific calculated key figure, It just displays the name of the text variable. Where ever this type of calculation is used I get the text variable tecnical name displayed!

i.e &0T_FPER& -2 % on LY where calc =

'&0T_FPER& -2 Actual'/'&0T_FPER& -2 Last Year' -1) * 100

There is a calc KF as above for -1 % on LY, and LY

Why do i get the above error message and how can I get the text variable to display for the this Calc Key Figure?