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Mar 02, 2007 at 06:18 AM

Processing Shopping Carts with sourcing Indicator 'Y'


Hi Experts,

I am in EBP 5.0 SRM 4.0 ECS scenario. In a case,the vendor was not assigned to the Shopping Cart and hence after approval it should have gone to the sourcing cockpit. But the Purchasers are not able to find the shopping cart in the sourcing cockpit. I checked up the sourcing relevant indicator ( SOURCE_REL_IND ) and found that the same was set to 'Y' instead of 'X'.

I happen to find that the indicator is set to 'Y' when the sourcing operation is complete but in this case the vendor is still not assigned. What could be the possibility? Is it possible to reject the Shopping Cart in Sourcing Cockpit. Where can we check who made the processing complete?

Also, is it possible to proceed the Shopping Cart as the follow on document for the same is not yet created.

Looking for youe expert solution & views.

With Regards,

Rajesh R