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Mar 02, 2007 at 06:02 AM

writing files in application server



I have a req to process data and pass it to cji5 transaction. I'm passing it through BDC call transaction. I need to capture that report(cji5 o/p) and process and then give another report. Everything happens in background.

I had recorded cji5 like pass data, o/p, save file to local pc(recording till here). Then read tht file back to internal table to go for further processing.

Now my problem is how do I write tht cji5 o/p to application server(bcoz its background) as I dont have control over cji5 o/p. Can we write/transfer o/p directly to application server thru BDC(I'm yet to get the permission to application server to try and need to tell them the feasibility) ? If not How else can I do it????????