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Mar 02, 2007 at 04:34 AM




I had a scenario like this, We are using Taxinj Procedure,

One PO is availbale in the system with Basic price = Rs.100

Non deductible VAT @ 4% = Rs.4

Total = Rs. 104/-

But During GR,

Stock account = Rs.112/- ( instead of 4% it had computed for 12% )

Also during IR,

Vendor account = Rs. 112/- as against 4%

How this can happen, i had checked for any item changes in the PO as we had implemented version managed but there is no clue for the same.

My query is if in case during Invoice verification , if the user changes the Tax code from 4% to 12% whether he will be able to post the invoice with out any error.

Also how this will get reflected in the GR.

Please expedite.


R. Dillibabu.