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Mar 02, 2007 at 12:08 AM

Missing Required Parameter in Bapi Call


Hi all,

I have a Bapi that I am calling where I am filling the required structures, but I continue to get the "Missing required parameter HEADER in Method Z_....".

The parameter header is a structure, and it appears correctly under the Input node.

I have gone to the point of creating and binding the element directly in the executeZ_Fuji_Cm_Sales_Start_Input( ) to prove that I am filling this:

<b>public void executeZ_Fuji_Cm_Sales_Start_Input( )


//@@begin executeZ_Fuji_Cm_Sales_Start_Input()

//$$begin Service Controller(-781629941)

Ztsd_Cm_Header head = new Ztsd_Cm_Header();



IWDMessageManager manager = wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager();


wdContext.currentZ_Fuji_Cm_Sales_Start_InputElement ().modelObject().execute();


} catch(WDDynamicRFCExecuteException ce) {

manager.reportException(ce.getMessage(), false);





I continue to get the missing HEADER parameter error and it does not even try the RFC. Am I missing something in the above code?

It may be of note that HEADER is a CHANGING parameter of the Function Module, and that when I went to map the binding it made me change the name in the OUTPUT node to something else as it saw this node as a duplicate. It is still named Header in the Input node and is mapped to the Bapi parameter HEADER.

Any thoughts?Thanks