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Mar 01, 2007 at 09:05 PM

Workflow in process status when work is completed and returned to inbox



Once upgraded to ECC 5.0, our Workflows are still in process status after completing the work item and returning to inbox. Takes several seconds to go to completed status.

More detail...

In a number of our work items in custom workflows we utilize methods that display a custom transaction for review & approval in the workflow process. From within the custom transaction we issue the terminating event for the work item by means of Function Module "SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT" once the user approves or disapproves the work item.

This worked all very well in Rel. 4.6c. By the time the users were routed back to their inbox the work item had disappeared.

We recently upgraded to ECC 5.0 and experience the following problem. Once the user has left the work item and are back in their inbox, the work item is still on display. It eventually goes away once the users refresh their screen after a few seconds. This is very confusing to the users and some of them even wanting to start executing the same item again....

I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on how the completion/termination of the work item could be changed so that it completes faster and is gone from the inbox immediately.

In our research we did come across OSS note 831443, which explains as of release 6.20 that work items will be locked while executing a method and that the terminating event can only be delivered once it is unlocked. Taking this into consideration, we tried moving the terminating event to the end of the method within the business object program, but the work item never completed, even after refreshing the inbox.

Thank you for any feedback.