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Managing Outside Service Costs in SAP Plant Maintenance

May 24, 2017 at 08:08 PM


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My company uses outside service contractors to backfill maintenance labor in the plants. To do this a "blanket" WO is written at the beginning of each year to a high level functional location. A PO is then generated from this order for the service contractor.

The contractor may be asked to work on many different pieces of equipment throughout the days/week/year.

We are struggling with a way to make sure these costs are driven down to the proper equipment they are working on. We have considered creating WOs to charge external labor hours against for the equipment, but this will double count as the original high level WO will still have the PO charged against it.

This has to be easier than we are making it, but it has never been done here and my experience with SAP is limited.

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1 Answer

Peter Atkin May 25, 2017 at 06:47 AM


You can use worrk centres for the contractors to track the number of hours. You can do either of the following to stop the costs being "double counted":

  1. Use an activity type price of 0.01EUR (i.e.a negligable amount).
  2. Use a non-costed operation control key set as a default in the work centre, and hence defaulted into the operation


You then create your PO/Contract/FWO as per your usual process and book the costs to the PM/CS order.

Peridically you can reconcile then number of contractor hours booked to the PM/CS Order against the PO invoice.

An addition to the process (if you are allowed), is to create each contractor as a HR Mini Master and assign these to the work centre. Then in the IW41 confirmation, you can enter the HRMM reference to know exactly which contractor made the posting.


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