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May 24, 2017 at 06:48 PM


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Hi Community,

I need to know why is LOGIKNR a key field in table EASTL.

As key fields are ANLAGE, LOGIKNR and BIS, I suppose that for one installation, the same Logical device number can be active (BIS = 31.12.9999) and non activ (BIS < SY-DATUM). Could anybody show me a real example where this happens?

It this is not the case, please explain why is it key field, as for what I think, only ANLAGE and BIS should be key fields in this table.

Thank you in advance!

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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
May 25, 2017 at 08:16 PM

It's a standard SAP table, so that's SAP's design. You are not their only customer, so someone must have needed this. Why is this a concern, anyway?

We don't use IS-U but I can easily give you a real life example with our cable Internet provider. For them, I am a customer (=installation number) that can have multiple modems (each modem has a unique MAC address). When we signed up for service, we had one modem. Then we replaced it with a new one, so they'd have to expire a record of the old modem (MAC) and create new record with the new modem. But later, new modem broke down and I called them to make our old modem active again while we are getting a replacement. This would mean for the old modem they now have multiple records with different validity dates.

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Thank you Jelena for your answer, I really apreciatte it.

I understand the idea you have explained. Extrapolating it to my scenario, with the same Logical device appearing 2+ times with different dates for the same Installation, the case of a replaced&reactived Logical Device (LD from now on) would also be posible if key fields where only ANLAGE and BIS, as only one LOGIKNR would have BIS = 31.12.9999 (the activate one).

My concern came because I am making a development in SAP-ISU and the data selection would depend on the EASTL relationships. I just want to improve my functional knowledges.



Not sure how you'll improve functional knowledge much by asking in ABAP forum... IMHO it'd be much more effective to ask a functional consultant locally.

Either way, as I said - it's SAP standard and you're not the only customer. Even if something doesn't make sense to you it might do for others. Also it's not unusual to create DB tables with some redundancies and rather leave the extra fields blank than risk missing a field just to find out later it's needed. Surely you'll run into the same situation when creating DB tables yourself.

IMHO this falls under "accept what you cannot change" category anyway, so unless you are expecting other answers, kindly close the question.