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Mar 01, 2007 at 01:52 PM

calculation in update rule/routine in order to modify DATA_PACKAGE


Hello all,

I want to load some finance data from two ODS objects into an InfoCube. In the update rule I have build a start routine in order to compare two values of two internal tables (itab1 and itab2) which gets loaded with data from the both ODS.

When the value of the itab1 is higher of itab2 then I want to subtract the value from itab2 from itab1.

After that I want to MODIFY the DATA_PACKAGE in order to update later the cube with an new lower value.

The DATA_PACKAGE is defined as standard table as well as itab1 and itab 2 but I get the error message that the line type is not compatible.

How I have to build the MODIFY statement in order to calculate and update values in the DATA_PACKAGE?

Any helps would be great.

Best regards from Munich/Germany,

Stefan Leontiadis