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trying to call Sybase stored procedure with parameters from PHP

I'm trying to run a stored procedure on a Sybase database in a PHP file using PDO and dblib as the driver. I can call a procedure with no parameters with no problems using something like:

call custom.show_clocked_in_employees

This works perfectly. However, if the procedure takes parameters, I get an error. So if I have a procedure like this that takes 2 parameters:

create procedure custom.custom_sp_R_cons_rvc_time_prd_ttls(in business_date_start timestamp,in business_date_end timestamp)

result(start_business_date timestamp,end_business_date timestamp,store_number OBJ_NUM,store_id SEQ_NUM,...)


declare@start_business_date timestamp;

declare@end_business_date timestamp;



I've tried calling it these ways:

call custom.custom_sp_R_cons_rvc_time_prd_ttls('2017-05-02','2017-05-02')

call custom.custom_sp_R_cons_rvc_time_prd_ttls('2017-05-02 00:00:00.000000','2017-05-02 00:00:00.000000')

exec custom.custom_sp_R_cons_rvc_time_prd_ttls('2017-05-02','2017-05-02')

exec custom.custom_sp_R_cons_rvc_time_prd_ttls '2017-05-02','2017-05-02'

No matter what I do, I get an error like:

this error:

[0]=> HY000


[2]=> SQL Anywhere Error -188:Not enough valuesfor host variables [13638](severity 16)[(null)]




[2]=> SQL Anywhere Error -131: Syntax error near '2017-05-02'on line 1[102](severity 15)[(null)]


If I run this procedure in a SQL client like RazorSQL using:

call custom.custom_sp_R_cons_rvc_time_prd_ttls('2017-05-02','2017-05-02')

it works perfectly, so PDO/PHP/? appears to not be sending the data to the client correctly. What is the syntax to use to call a Sybase procedure with parameters using PDO?

EDIT: The exact way I'm trying to call it is like this:

$dbh = new PDO('dblib:host=<host_ip>',$user,$password,null);

$stmt =$dbh->prepare('call custom.custom_sp_R_cons_rvc_time_prd_ttls(:start_date, :end_date)');

$new_params = array(':start_date'=>'2017-05-02',':end_date'=>'2017-05-02');

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