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Smartform Output in ARABIC ..special character at the end

May 24, 2017 at 02:45 PM


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Hi All,

I have a smartform for arabic printing.

I am passing 'AR' in the print parameters.

It is printing Arabic character properly.

I am only facing following problem with english values/text:

Field value - "Mr.John Rambo B."

it is printing as - ".Mr.John Rambo B" .....moved dot '.' to extreme left...


Field value - END OF THE MESSAGE !

It is printing as - !END OF THE MESSAGE......moved '!' to the extreme left....


Field value - 5321 Avenue St.

It is printing as - .Avenue St 5321..... dot moved and number as well...

Issue is same in Print preview & Print.

One option (i have not tried it yet) is to check the last character, remove it if not alphanumaric and concatenate it in the begning.

But i want to check if there is any other solution.

Please suggest.



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2 Answers

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Rahul Keshav Jul 06, 2017 at 03:03 PM

Thanks all for your help.

I developed a ZFM and read the last character before passing it to the final variable.

If it is dot or comma, i am shifting it to the beginning of the string, rest system is taking care of....(to move that dot, comma to last... dirty trick..... i know....) but it worked...

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Simone Milesi May 29, 2017 at 09:30 AM

Hi Rahul!

i just faced the same issue and i found out you cannot mix RtL (like arab) and LtR (like english) languages in the same print because if you set your print language to a RtL, SAP mirror it.

You can find more references into OSS Note 0000822634

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Thanks for you help Simone.

I checked the OSS note provided.

Our s/w component is SAP_BASIS 701 0008 SAPKB70108.

I found that all the note provided in that has 'Implementation Status' as ' Cannot be implemented' all correction in place...

they have mentioned to maintain 'otf_st_length_49' in TCP0I table.....that was missing so i have maintained that as well....

...but no breakthrough...

as you mentioned that you also faced same issue, did you get any work around....or changed the requirement....


If you check the correlated notes, you'll see that the only solution is to not print a mix of RtL and LtR languages.

There is no other solution.

My workaround was to create a RtL version for the smartform i was printing with all the boxes and so on "mirrored" to reflect the fact i was printing RtL (as per our customer requirement) and all my texts where in arab.

Withing the print program, i check the print language and if Arab, i change on runtime the module name to call.

It's not really "clean and neat" solution, but it works


Did you check out cascading fonts ?


Thanks for the reply Harper.

SAP notes related to cascading fonts are in place... you have any specific procedure or steps to follow related to cascading fonts ... or do i need to check somewhere for cascading font...any setting...


You need to create your cascading fonts to start with by including all the fonts that you wish to use on your smartform.