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Mar 01, 2007 at 06:54 AM

How to realize a Sync-Asyn Bridge


Hey Folks,

I was trying to 'decode' whatever is written in the How to guide (Realize a sync - async and async - sync bridge in the adapter framework). Thanks to Bhavesh he posted the thread on the Async - Sync part and so i thought i would figure out the Sync - Async part.

Ok so here is what i have done till now (with no success);

its a HTTP <-> XI <-> File


2 DT/MT for HTTP, 2 DT/MT for file

1 MI outbound sync -> http

1 MI inbound sync -> File

the 2 mappings and the 1 IM

In configuration;

1 rec. file adapter and 1 sender file adapter

the configuration is as usual for a sync scenario; except for the sender agreement for the sender file adapter, i configure a dummy sender agreement with dummy interface and dummy namespace but the original CC created.

In the Recv. file channel module part;

1 AF_Modules/RequestOnewayBean Local Enterprise Bean 2

2 CallSapAdapter Local Enterprise Bean 0

3 AF_Modules/WaitResponseBean Local Enterprise Bean 1

2 passThrough true

in the sender file channel;

1 AF_Modules/NotifyResponseBean Local Enterprise Bean 1

So any of you guys who did something on that document, i hope can throw some light 😊

Cos i am sure i am missing something here !!!