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Mar 01, 2007 at 04:10 AM

Add Goods Receipt using DI API


Hi all,

I want to add a new Goods Receipt using DI API, for each of the lines:


oBatchReceipt.Lines.ItemCode = "ItemA"

oBatchReceipt.Lines.WarehouseCode = "WH01"

oBatchReceipt.Lines.Quantity = 1000

instead of entering the unitcost of the item, i want to enter the line total.

(unitcost or oBatchReceipt.Lines.Price is commented out)

'oBatchReceipt.Lines.Price = costUnit

oBatchReceipt.Lines.LineTotal = 1563

so, when the Goods Receipt is added, there is no error popped up, but the total of created Goods Receipt is 0 (zero).

I want to use the LineTotal instead of Price. Using the SBO system UI, user can enter quantity and linetotal and sytem will automatically calculate the price. But using DI API, i dont think it works because someone from forum says that LineTotal is NOT read/write property as written in SDK documentation.

Anyone knows about this issue?