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Mar 01, 2007 at 03:09 AM

Execute button not displayed in Integrated ITS 6.40



I have just created a simple abap program, with a selction screen to select airline and then a report showing the schedule.

I created a transaction for this program.

I ran the transaction using SAPGUI, and it works fine, with the standard menu entries "Program/Edit/Goto/System/Help" and an "Execute" button.

I created in SE80 an Internet Service for this transaction, publich it to INTERNAL, then use SICF to create a service and activate.

I tested this service using a browser, log in using my user/password, and it shows me the selection screen.

The problem is, on the selection screen, it shows only menu entries "Quit/Help" , and there is no "Execute" button.

So after I key in the airline into the field, I cannot execute the report, because there is no "Execute" button. F8 also does not work. F4 for the field works.

To troubleshoot, I also publish this Internet Application to a standalone ITS6.20 system, and it works, with the execute button.

So can anyone help me, why does it not have execute button in Integrated ITS? Thanks.