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Feb 28, 2007 at 04:02 PM

End Fiscal Year Sales Report - My Project Requirement


Hi All,

I have a requirement to create a End Fiscal Year Sales Report (Quarterly report : year 2005, 2006, YTD, InHouse sales ) which should display the report fileds as follows :

The Client is currently getting the sales report in the following format from Non SAP System. Now this report has to be designed in BW Bex and has to be displayed with the fields mentioned below :


Cust NAME :

Cust Group :


Sales Rep :

<b>SALES-05</b> :

<b>SALES-06</b> :

<b>YTDSALES</b> :

<b>INHOUSE</b> :

The report should display Quarterly sales (as per specific Quarter wise in a year) for the year 2005, 2006 and also it should dispaly the current year sales (YTD - Year to Date) and also InHouse Sales.

<u>Note</u> : I have the following Time Charateristics in infocube (0SD_C03) -

((( OR can i go with any other Sales Inocube to get the about report fields )))

Calendar day - 0CALDAY

Calendar Year/Month - 0CALMONTH

Calendar Year/Week - 0CALWEEK

Fiscal year / period - 0FISCPER

Fiscal year variant - 0FISCVARNT

so please analyze the above end fiscal year sales report and suggest me how to desigh the query which should display <b>Quarter Sales</b>.


Kishore Kumar