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Feb 28, 2007 at 03:49 PM

!!!Java Script Expert advice !!! Web templates - drop down box


I need some expert help on using javascript in the web templates.

here is the detailed description.

Query: We have a query in which we are deriving "Year to Month" values. When the query is executed, user selects a month and the query gets the values up to that month in the year... ( We have a variable on the month. Restriction is "Less than or equal to". So that all the months upto the entered month are selected).

for example, user selects July - then the query gets all the months from January - July


We are using a drop down box in the web template for the month. The drop down box should contain all the possible months. (Jan - Dec).

the idea is, after the query is executed, user can select any month from the drop down list and the query should get recalculated.

I would like to know if this can be done using JavaScript. I want it to work like this.

1. It should populate all the possible months in the dropdown box. (this is static)

2. When user selects a value from the drop down box, it should be able to pass the value to the variable of the query and recalculate the query.

Note: "can be changed during query navigation" setting will not work for the variable as we are using a range for the variable. Must be done using javaScript.