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Feb 28, 2007 at 01:51 PM

New ledger Now..or Classic than migrate later


Goodmorning everyone,

We are implementing mySAP ERP ECCV.6 and we have to decide verysoon whether we go with newledger or Classic ledger than migrate. We made all the reasearch about the benefits of new GL and we like it. However to minimize the risk involved with going with newledger is there anyone that can answer the following questions:

We would like to know the cost of the migration service package from classic GL to New GL,

- What is the cost of the migration service package available from SAP? and how long would a typical migration from Classic to Newlwdger will take?

- When will SAP stop supporting the Classic GL?

- Any experiences going Bigbang with Newledger ECC 6?

- What is the level of support available from SAP if we go-live with the new ledger? Issues, bugs and speed of resolution.

Thanks for your help