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How to use the source list field FLIFN

I have a question regarding the field FLIFN (Fixed Vendor) in the Table EORD....This table is used to hold all the information on the 'Purchasing Source List'.

But when I use the transaction ME03 to display the Source List and seek the on-line information on the field labelled 'Fix', the online help refers to it as 'Fixed Source Of Supply' (instead of Fixed Vendor) , with the field name as ' FESKZ'.

Nowhere in the above transaction do I see the field FLIFN, while it is available in the Source List Table EORD! When I do a search in the Data Dictionary, I also see that EORD is the only table holding the above field!

The Range of Values for FLIFN, as defined in Data Dictionary, is 'Yes' and 'No'. But at the moment, I have no idea of how to set the field ON, since I cannot see it in the Transaction ME03.

Can someone help?

Much appreciated!


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    May 24, 2017 at 04:01 PM

    FESKZ field belongs to structure RM06W as you can see in the technical field help

    Now go to SE11, enter RM06W as table and go into display mode. Select the field FESKZ and click the Where-used button and execute it with the default.

    You get some programs returned, among them LMEORI0R

    and here you see this coding:

          EORD-FLIFN = RM06W-FESKZ.
          EORD-FRESW = RM06W-FESKZ.

    Now you have to understand that the structure RM06W is a communication structure, defined like a table, but filled at runtime and used to exchange the information presented and entered in the screen with program behind.

    There is just one display field (FESKZ) used for different purposes depending on entries in other fields.

    if the document number is entered, then the entry from FESKZ field corresponds to the field FEBEL from EORD table with is for a fixed document item

    if the vendor number is entered and no document number, then it corresponds to the FLIFN from EORD table with is for a fixed vendor

    and if neither a document number nor a vendor is entered then it must be a supplying plant and in this case it corresponds to FRESW field of table EORD.

    So one screenfield for 3 different EORD fields, just a good interface instead of having 3 such indicator fields in the dynpro

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