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Former Member
Feb 28, 2007 at 11:56 AM

ABAP API MDM vs Standard MDM !!!


Maybe the expression that I am using is not the best one and hope that someone can give me any clarifications.

What I am intending is to know:

1) If using ABAP API is the best way to implement MDM purposes or if he’s an alternative to implement MDM using ABAP API?

2) In the proof of concept that I am implementing, I only use the principal components of MDM (Import, Data Manager, Syndicator and Console) in order to find the solution of our enterprise business.

3) Using ABAP API, I have to use programming method, implement by myself some functionalities in ABAP to connect and resolve my MDM purposes.

4) If am not using ABAP API (The way that I am proceeding right now) , I have to use the standard software component (enterprises services ) of the R3 Systems in order to connect MDM with client systems.

Thanks guy for your assistance. We just want to know the best way to proceed with MDM .