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Feb 28, 2007 at 11:46 AM

Delivery - how to reverse picking


Hello everybody

The following situation has occured in my system and I have no idea what to do about it:

1. An outbound delivery has been created (VL01N).

2. As a next step the picking has been performed - the issuing storage location is

WM-managed so a transfer order has been created and confirmed (LT03). This has transfered goods from a normal storage bin to a dynamic (automatically created) storage bin in a storage type dedicated for outbound deliveries.So far so good.

3. Then the user creates another transfer order manually using LT10 ⚠️ - which takes these goods from the dynamic storage bin back again to a normal storage bin. It has not been done with LT0G so the delivery doesn't "know" anything about it and its picking status stays at "C". Furthermore this operation also deletes the dynamic storage bin dedicated for the delivery.

4. Next the user comes to a conclusion that he doesn't want this delivery at all and it should be deleted completely.

5. To delete the delivery its picking should be reversed - but it seems you cannot do this now.

The question is how to reverse picking in such situation ?

-> You cannot do this using LT0G - delivery items are shown as locked - probably because the dynamic storage bin for this delivery doesn't exist anymore;

-> You cannot do this manually by changing picked quantities in the delivery document - fields are not ready for input;

-> You cannot just create another transfer order to restore goods back into a dynamic storage bin dedicated for the delivery because this storage bin does not exist anymore - it's been created in LT03 - you cannot perform LT03 again because the picking status of the delivery is "C" already.

Have you got any idea ?

Thanks in advance