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Errors During Extraction/Listing of Archives in phase PREP_PRE_CHECK/SCANDIR_EPS0

Hi All,

After completing the Development Tier Upgrade I am trying to use the same stack xml file for quality system.

I have edited the SID Information and Instance Number Information. Since host name is same for both Dev and Quality hence I didn't changed it.

However now while giving the Stack XML File as Input I am getting the below Error

However I have looked into the PHASES.LOG Files and below is the last few lines of it.


lnxs0650:ffzadm 120> more PHASES.LOG

1 ETQ201 Entering upgrade-phase "PREP_PRE_CHECK/CHECKSYSSTATUS" ("20170524062738")
2 ETQ367 Connect variables are set for standard instance access
4 ETQ399 System-nr = '13', GwService = 'sapgw13' Client = '000'
4 ETQ399 Environment variables:
4 ETQ399 dbs_ora_schema=SAPSR3
1 ETQ200 Executing actual phase 'PREP_PRE_CHECK/CHECKSYSSTATUS'.
1 ETQ399 Phase arguments:
2 ETQ399 Arg[0] = ' '
1 ETQ399 SYSTEM MANAGER: CheckSystemStatus.
1 ETQ399 SAPCONTROL MANAGER: getProcessList with host: lnxs0650 and instance: 13
3 ETQ120 20170524062738: PID 23518 execute '/usr/sap/FFZ/DVEBMGS13/exe/sapcontrol -format script -prot NI_HTTP -host lnxs0650 -nr 13 -function GetProcessLi
3WETQ122 20170524062738: PID 23518 exited with status 3 (time: 0.0/ 0.0/ 0.0/42MB real/usr/sys/maxmem)
4 ETQ010 Date & Time: 20170524062738 1 ETQ202 Upgrade phase "CHECKSYSSTATUS" completed successfully ("20170524062738")


Below is the Log for SAPup.log


...started at 20170524062738
# Using phase log file 'SCANDIRE.LOG'. ...finished at 20170524062809 with status ABORTED.
# Error message set: 'Got 1 errors during extraction/listing of archives, see phase log for details' ...begin dialog at 20170524062809


The stack.xml file did not resulted into errors in Development phase.

I have only changed the SID and Instance No.

Just as an information: My other colleague who is upgrading the GRC System did not got any errors even though he didn't changed the Instance No as in his environment Dev and Quality Instance No is different. I initially Suspected that might be the cause but he did not faced any errors

I have also checked and full 777 permission is given in the Download directory as well as to SUM directory.

Can anyone please suggest how to rectify this particular error. Trying it from last night. No Solutions as of yet.

Thanks and Regards
Anurag Das

ffz-sum-error.jpg (56.9 kB)
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2 Answers

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    May 24, 2017 at 07:00 AM

    Hi Anruag,

    first of all I do not welcome your approach by editing the stackfile. We have copy tools on SAP side (see KBA 2419417) and you have the possibility to generate stackfiles for whole system tracks (see Maintenance Planner User Guide: "Working with System tracks).

    Regarding your error please check below two notes which deal with your issue:

    • 2055732 - ERROR: Scanning of download directory failed with the following error: Got 1 errors during extraction/listing of archives.
    • 2364637 - SCAN_DOWNLOADDIR phase - 2EETQ008 Error message: Extraction command failed with status


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  • May 25, 2017 at 07:35 PM

    The root cause was, I had removed the download/stack_xml directory from the Linux Server and copied it again from Local Windows VDI Desktop through Filezilla.
    During that transfer one file got corrupted.

    Transferred again and the Issue got fixed.

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