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Feb 28, 2007 at 03:50 AM

Asset Purchase Order


Hi guys,

We have plant-A and PLANT-B in our company. Business area A is assigned to both the plants (by mistake), in the asset master. Actually, Plant-A should be attached to Bus Area-A and Plant-B should be attached to Bus area-B.

One Asset PO is created in plant-B. MIGO was done with movement type 103. But in the material document, Business Area is being shown as A. This was noticed after making MIGO with 103 movement and asset master was corrected. Then, we have cancelled the 103 material document. But in the 104 (reversal of 103 doc), the bus area is being shown as B. When we try to create a new GRn with 103 movement, the system is still taking Bus Area as A only.

To resolve this issue we have again cancelled the material doc with 104 movement (to reverse the 1st material doc with 103 movement) and created 104 material document with Bus Area A. After this we are able to make GRn with 103 movement with Bus Area B.

Why is this happening? Theoritically the 1st 104 document shall have no relation to the fresh material docuement with 103.

Please clarify this to avoid such problems in future.

Thanks in advance,