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shipment cost by weight scale

May 24, 2017 at 02:08 AM


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I have an issue with weight scale:

Gross Weight of Delivery:

Del 1 = 6,028.800 KG

Del 2 = 5,212.800 KG

Del 3 = 1,116.440 KG

I have scale number 11:

Scale Basic: D [Gross Weight]

Scale Type: A [Base-Scale]

Scale Unit of Measure: TO

Gross Weight by using Calc.Type [A=Absolute]:

From : 3.000 Amount 46$

From : 5.000 Amount 60$

From : 10.000 Amount 167$

From : 16.000 Amount 167$

From : 21.000 Amount 198

I set up price condition by using combination key ServiceAgent/Route with scale 11.

As a result, shipment cost shows 3 items with amount 167$, 60$, 00$, i don't know how shipment get the price from. I expected, shipment cost will calculate 1 item with total of gross weight of three deliveries = 12,358.04 KG = 167$ because total gross weight in range 16.000 of scale id 11.

Please kindly help....



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2 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
May 25, 2017 at 03:39 PM

Had you shared the condition type configuration screen, that would have been easy to understand your issue. Need more details on what Calculation type, what Condition class etc., are maintained and also whether the "Group condition" is checked or not.

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This is screenshot of condition:

Juergen Pitz
Jun 06, 2017 at 09:32 AM


ok, with the condition type screenshot you shared, the calculation base is "A - delivery", so, yes, I expect three sub items in one item in your shipment cost document. If you want one sub item, the calculation base should be "D - shipment cost item". But you wrote you get three items. So maybe a little bit more sharing about how your shipment cost document actually looks like would be helpful.



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