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Feb 28, 2007 at 01:46 AM

Compare Plant Country attribute against Vendor country attribute


Dear BW Gurus,

I have a query that uses a customized Inventory cube based on the standard 0IC_C03. In my query, I have a selection that restricts several characteritics and 1 key figure. My question is, I need to add a restriction in this selection to check between Country of Plant (0PLANT__0COUNTRY) and Vendor Country (0GN_VENDOR). The problem is that 0GN_VENDOR has no master data. The infoobject 0VENDOR has one. Is there a way to connect 0GN_VENDOR to 0VENDOR? Or is there another way to compare Plant country and Vendor country? I am on BW 3.5 by the way.

Would definitely assign points if useful.

Best regards,