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Feb 27, 2007 at 09:04 PM

Determine receiver without using element in payload


Hi! Appreciate input on the following:

We have two receivers:

<b>Receiver A</b>

All messages sent to the receiver at all times.

<b>Receiver B</b>

All messages sent to the receiver at certain times e.g. during testing to grab a copy of inbound messages.

We can set up receiver determination to parse the payload (via xpath) and decide if it should be sent to <b>Receiver B</b>. However, this requires the sender to make some identifiable change in the payload i.e. we depend on the sender system which may not be under our direct control.

Is there a way to build a framework that allows me to set a 'flag' in our XI system to decide if the the message should be sent to <b>Receiver B</b>.

I know I can do it by changing the receiver determination. But each time I do this, I have to maintain my development environment and re-transport the CS to multiple test and production systems.

Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thx, Duncan