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Former Member
Feb 27, 2007 at 04:37 PM

Supplier Registration Information


Hi Everybody,

I have couple of questions on supplier registration. We are implementing ROS on SRM 5:

1. Is the supplier registration information searchable? In other words can I write a report to get all suppliers who have registered themselves for certain categories? If the information is not searchable how can I make the information searchable?

2. Is it possible to use Supplier Registration to gather quality & certification information periodically? Let's say i have 100 suppliers who initially registered in ROS. I send out detailed questionaire that also captures quality and certification information. After a year I want to check with these suppliers if quality and certification information they submitted are still valid?

3. If bullet#2 is possible, is it possible to extend the functionality in bullet#2 to vendors that have been created in the R3 system (without having these vendors to first register themselves first).

4. Can bullet#3 be automated (i.e depending on when the supplier registered every year I would like to send out the quality and certifications automatically)?

Any help you can provide will be highly appreciated.