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FBI Enhancement Vs Cloud Platform Extension


I am working for a client which currently is in the process of an ERP transformation by implementing S/4HANA 1610 On-Premise edition.

But they are looking at migrating from the on-premise solution to the S/4HANA cloud edition, 3-4 years down the line. Cause of this all the developments currently being undertaken, which are not in in-line with the classic extensibility concept and which require creation of an implicit enhancement, are being built and extended using the SAP Cloud Platform.

Now, we have a requirement wherein we need to enhance a FPM-based application which in turn is integrated with BOPF.
In order to accomplish our requirement, we need to

  1. Extend the BO root node structure with additional fields by creating an append structure
  2. Include these additional fields in the FPM UI by adding these fields in the customizing layer.
  3. Creating a BOPF enhancement to trigger a mail after saving an object using BOPF.

But the questions that do arise for this particular development are –

  1. Whether all the above specified steps are in-line with the extensibility concept; if yes, we can go ahead with it AND
  2. Whether or not this a valid scenario for developing a SCP-based extension.

It would be very helpful if you can share your expert perspective in this case.

Sagar J.

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