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Sticky threads / fixed-position blogs / announcements --> anything like that available in 1DX?

May 23, 2017 at 03:03 PM


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Dear 1DX-Gurus,

the "hello I have error pls do needful"-assault has returned to the subforums I am currently moderator in (as yet) and I would like to put some kind of red, angry sticky-thread on the top which nobody can miss to give these people (or bots?) a fair warning before starting a spring cleaning. Basically something like good ol' Rob used to post; remember Rob?

I currently haven't found any such technical possibility, but I haven't given up hope, that I simply missed it. Back in the SCN-Forum (the Jive-based one) we did have "Announcements" which made a red impossible-to-miss banner with text appear above the thread-list and you could even Link a blog in there.

Do we have any relatable function in 1DX?

Cheers, Lukas

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Moshe Naveh
May 24, 2017 at 09:21 AM

Hey Lukas!

How are you?

You are right that we had this feature in the UI of question submission in Jive. I'm aware of this need and requested it. It is being priortized with other important things we need.

The best way to educate users is before you delete the question, to add a comment that is only visilbe to moderators and the users. We also offer guidance with Email notifications that members receive when report for thier content was approved.



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Hey Moshe,

I'm doing well, thanks for asking! I'm currently inside a training curve (Fiori etc.), so I can't make as much time for SCN as I did in the past, unfortunately, but there will be calmer times at some point again. I hope you and your family are fine too?

I see, so there's no functionality for this yet, but it's planned. I'll make use of the usual means we have in moderation which you outlined.

Cheers, Lukas