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Feb 27, 2007 at 08:44 AM

Lock thread in EJB


Hi to all

We are developing EJB to access OracleBD from iView.

The EJB is fully developed, but when testing it in the iView, in the first running it works correctly but the other times it runs no longer. We run new deploy, and obtain the same result, the only way to make it run is reboot the server.

On the server logs I found these lines:

Thread SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_2

1 failed to acquire exclusive lock on client session ClientSession(id=(SRVSAPDES

01_GIS_00)ID0239976650DB10796837010590973679End_1000038104). Existing locks: Loc

kingManager(ThreadName:SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_21, exclusive client

session lock: ClientSessionLock(unlocked), shared client session locks: ClientS


37010590973679End_1000038104, thread=SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_25)]),

app session locks: ApplicationSessionLockManager([e9cd21c0c26211db996a0003ba1c7

20b]), current request: local/RM_ValoracioOfertes/com.gisa.vo.ValoracioOfertes).

Hint: Take a thread dump of the server node to find the blocking thread that cau

ses the problem.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem??