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Former Member
Feb 27, 2007 at 04:56 AM

Message Interface <xxxx> references an RFC message and a non-RFC message


Hi all,

I have a synchronous scenario

SOAP --> XI --> RFC --> XI --> SOAP

I have no problems creating the request/response message mappings.

I want to create mappings for fault messages, so that when the RFC returns an error, XI can map it to the correct fault message and reply to the SOAP Client.

How do I create the fault message for the RFC and assign this fault message to the RFC Message Interface?

I tried the following:

1. Create Fault Message Type - FM_Outbound(for SOAP) and FM_Inbound (for RFC)

2. Assign FM_Inbound as Fault Message to the Message Interface of RFC (Sync-Inbound). The input and output message are imported from the RFC (Imported Objects)

3. Create Message Mapping for FM_Inbound to FM_Outbound.

4. Create Interface Mapping for request/response/fault mappings

5. Activate in IR. I encountered the following error when I activated the mappings:

<b> Message interface Message Interface MI_PatientDemographics_Inbound_Sync_ZBAPIPatientGetDetail | urn:dev1:fapl:oots:PatientDemographics references an RFC message and a non-RFC message</b>

Please help me understand what is the correct way of defining the RFC fault message in XI?

In my RFC import, I only saw a request & response object. There is no exception/fault message to import.

Please help.