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Feb 26, 2007 at 01:47 PM

How to display "0" in Dynpro input field?



I have a Dynpro with an input field, in which I'd like to enter numeric values. The underlying domain of the input field is MENG13.

But there's one problem with "0" as the field's value. When entering "0" as value into the input field and pressing Enter on the keyboard, my PAI and PBO modules get processed. But then the value in the input field is empty and not "0" (as entered) anymore. I already debugged my application and found out, that the values of the internal variable (the one corresponding to the dynpro field) is set to "0". But why is the value "0" not displayed in the input field?

Do I have to use another domain or modify my input field in screen painter? Or is it because "0" is considered to be the initial value of a MENG13 field and therefore not displayed? But I want to display "0" as the field's value as well.

Kind regards, Lars