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Feb 26, 2007 at 12:40 PM

DSO Activation issue: Some time Happens and some time not


Dear All -

  • BI 7.00 and SP11

The follwoing happened 2nd time:

1. I have loaded data from PSA to DSO. checked the data and unstood that few mappings are wrong.

2. I have deleted the data. Made few mapping changes. Activated Transformations,DTP.

3. Loaded the data again from PSA..


1. All keyfigures were set to Blank.

Again deleted and reloaded.

2. All records look fine in "New" table. So actvated and observed that all records except 'Key's are set to blank in the active table.

3. Again deleted and loaded,activated.. - No changes for some time. Tried delteting and adjusting the table in SE14 band sevaral other stuf.. and understand no use.

Logged off and took a tea break and reloaded , activated data and observed that all data look fine this time, with out any changes. I am observing this 2nd time with this Custome DSO.

any one had this kind of issue? (or) any one has a suggestions?

Thanks for your time,


*last try to keep this up to catch your eyes.. 😊

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