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Feb 26, 2007 at 12:31 PM

Updating a field on one screen based on values in another screen


We have defined a new screen (ccalled Customer Data) for the Business Partner transaton BP.

On this screen is a new field that has been defined and appended to BUT000. The field is a kind of customer GUID that allocates a unique ID string to a customer (we call it a matchcode, not to be confused with the SAP standard meaning).

The value in the field is calculated by a function module, which needs uses some of the address data on the standard address tab of the BP transaction. If that data on the address screen changes, then the following needs to happen:

1) The matchcode field on the Customer Data screen needs to be updated.

2) When saved, the new matchcode is updated to the database (not a problem if the matchcode is recalcuated on the Customer Data screen).

Here are the questions:

1) How can I access the updated data on the address screen in the Customer Data screen? I was under the impression that the funtion modules which respond to events on each page are in their own function groups, so I cannot see the changed data from any function module bound to the Customer Data screen events. Is that true?

2) How could I access the changed data on the address screen to re-calculate the matchcode field?