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Feb 26, 2007 at 11:01 AM

Generic Delta for Real-Time DataSource not working NW 2004s



on the implementation I am working on the generic delta does not appear to be working for Real-Time DataSources. Has anyone seen the same problem or has experience of a solution.

I have created the following:

1. A standard table with a mumeric key representing 'Order Number'.

2. A Generic DataSource using rso2 (a generic delta based on the numeric pointer using the 'Order Number' key, no upper/lower safety interval, real-time enabled, additive delta).

3. A Init InfoPackage for the DataSource

4. A Real-time Delta InfoPackage for the DataSource

5. A Real-time Delta DTP

6. A daemon to load the data scheduled to load every minute.

New records are loaded into the Delta queue succesfully (visible from RSA7).

When I use a standard InfoPackage and DTP to load to my InfoCube the Delta record(s) are loaded and the Delta queue is cleared.

When records are loaded via the Daemon the Delta queue record(s) are loaded but the Delta Queue is not cleared meaning that every time the data is requested the same record(s) is loaded.

I think it is a problem with the Real-time delta request not clearing the delta queue but I can not be sure I have the configuration 100% correct.

Any thoughts???