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Feb 26, 2007 at 09:41 AM

Business partner upload from CRM to BI with different roles


Dear All,

Im trying to upload BP's which have different roles like Employee, sold-to party etc from CRM to BI. The datasource which connects BP number to roles which is 0BP_ROLES_ATTR. We have Infoobject 0BPARTNER to receive BP master .

My Question is : How can i store all the Business partners ( customers and employees ) in one infoobject 0bpartner. If i want to see all the BP's with one particular role ( say employee ) in a report how can i see?

There are some more infoobjects like 0CRM_SOLDTO for which 0BPARTNER is a reference. In this case how the 0CRM_SOLDTO contains filtered data from 0BPARTNER?

Can somebody let me know the Infobject for employee similar to 0CRM_SOLDTO to have only employee BP's from CRM?