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May 23, 2017 at 07:24 AM

InfoObject data maintenance: Upload and download of data


Hello Team,

I have a requirement for data maintenance on Info-objects: Upload (Modify and Add) and download the data from them. I gone through several threads some suggesting directly update the table /bic/pz* and many other recommends the use of FM RSDMD_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES_TEXTS. While using the FM RSDMD_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES_TEXTS I found that this FM is suggested as obsolete for use (Note 1706568) and also it is not in released status. Now the second option updating std table /bic/pz* directly, I would keep this option as the last, when nothing is there. So can anyone suggest any better approach to mass upload/download data of Infoobjects, your comments are welcome here.