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Feb 26, 2007 at 08:22 AM

KPI cockpit : modelling question



We are making a KPI cockpit in the Visual Composer based on BW keyfigures. In our application we have 4 tables in which we show the keyfigures based on different queries. Thus in one table we show multiple keyfigures from multiple queries thanks to the "union" operator. In the first column we show the different keyfigures (from different queries), in the next colums we show the values and trends

This is how one of our table looks

Key figure Value Trend Exception

Net Value 100 € Down Red

Weight 20 Kg Up Green

Headcount 25 Same Yellow

The keyfigures above originate from different queries (co-pa, hr,...)

But, now we'd like to offer drilldown possibility from the tables to detail queries and/or webreports but our biggest problem is that the target report is fully dependend on the keyfigure row that is selected from the table. Is it possible to create a model in VC in which the target report choosen is dependend on a certain row that is selected in the table ?

thanks for your feedback