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Skip Copy Material Screen in MDG

Hello Guyz,

I need to skip the Copy Material Screen which comes when we press the Copy Button from the toolbar of Material Search. This is the below screen which appear when I press the Copy Material Toolbar button

After pressing Copy material

When I press the Continue Button, the Event id in the PROCESS_EVENT will contain MDGM_CONTINUE, & then it will open the New Material Screen with all the data copied from the selected material.

User is quite annoyed by pressing CONTINUE every time.

I am not able to find the point in the standard, where I need to change the event id, so that direct the New Material screen will open up.

Please share if any of you had done the same.


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    Hello Rohit,

    In the configuration URL you will find the 'SKIP_FIRST_SCREEN' section which if given 'X' will skip the first screen but to do that the configuration needs to be enhanced and with the custom feeder class inheriting the standard or enhancing the standard feeder class method "On_Startup_events" or methods with triggered in the start. In the enhancement cl_mdg_bs_mat_assist_ui => get_url_parameter method needs to be called with parameter ev_auto_continue = 'X'.

    Hope this Helps.

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    May 30, 2017 at 01:15 AM

    Hi Logan,

    Thanks for the answer. I have managed the same via config. Now its working fine.

    For Create Logical Action, I have used BS_MAT_OVP_06 as my Target Configuration. Now its working as expected.



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  • May 23, 2017 at 06:12 AM

    Hello Rohit,

    Just a thought- How will you copy the Organisation level data if you skip this screen though.


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    • Hi Kavita,

      Because my client is funny :)

      The Problem is we are doing Material MDG in 2 phases,

      1st Phase -> We are only dealing with the Material at Client level i.e. MARA, MARM, MAKT & MEAN.

      2nd Phase -> We are going ahead with Plant, Storage, Valuation etc etc.

      Now we are on the verge of Going live with Material - 1st Phase. & because we are not doing Organisation level, so this screen is kind of ir-relevant for 1st Phase.

      That's the reason I am doing a temporary solution to skip this screen.

      -- Its more of FPM rather than MDG. I have to find the exact point where I can change the EVENT_ID.


  • May 24, 2017 at 12:27 PM

    Hi Rohit,

    In 9.0 when we click copy button, System will prompt pop up screen for the selection of CR type but in the earlier version It will be directed to initial screen where user can change CR types and proceed. It is basically important but if you still want to remove it , In the backend you default or input proper CR types. When you search for the material, System will show all the materials from the backend and initial screen is populated with default change CR type but in actual business scenerio we can be having different material change CR types so while copying user needs to select proper one.

    Thank you..

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    • Hi Rohit,

      1 .Initial screen feeder class will copy material data so you need to raise continue action by filling proper event parameters with CR type.

      2. else create your own action and use class CL_MDG_BS_MAT_BO to copy material and to navigate to the CR.

      Thank you!