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Feb 25, 2007 at 02:27 PM

DB index requirement when using BI accelerator


Dear all,

I am now considering modeling which fill the following requirement.

- 1.3 billion data are stored.

- 14 million records are uploaded daily

- data are extracted from SD

I think..

- use BI accelerator (roll up 14 million records to BIa index takes less than 5 min)

- delta data are uploaded to InfoCube directly (not via DataStore)

- data are uploaded parallel

- data older than 5 years are deleted monthly. so DB partitioning is required.

- DB index is not required for BIa and for rolling up to BIa. and uploading time will be shorter without creating DB index

- but it is better to create DB index when executing compression.

I wonder in this case,

- whether it is better to use partitioning for making data deleting time shorter.

- whether it is better to execute compression (if not, DB table is partitioned too small, by request and by Time characteristic. but compression takes longtime...)

- then whether it is better to create DB index before comression (creating index takes sometime, but withiout DB index, compression must takes long time.)

- by some period BIa delta index should be marged with standard index, is it possible to report during this marge process?

Kind regards,