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Feb 25, 2007 at 09:58 AM

Purchase of Imported items



I am using price control 's' for raw material type .

Suppose for a material 'x' , material master std cost is 100 (which includes basic,customs).

I have made an import PO for 'x' material for 1 qty. .

In that Basic price I entered 70.

For Customs condition : I put price as 1 for the clearing agent

vendor .

For Local freight condition : I put price as 1 for same clearing agent.

These are the conditions I am using .

So first the clearing agent given the invoice for customs and local freight .

So went to MIRO and selected 'planned delivery charges ' and put actual price for

customs and freight .

For eg actual is , for customs : 25 and freight 20

So while simulating , how it should come ?

And also while MIGO , how it should come ?

What all configurations to be made for making this happen ?

Kindly advise ?