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Feb 25, 2007 at 03:15 AM

cfw doubt



I read the cfw and would like to clarify. thx

Flush method in class cl_gui_cfw. I read that it is used to synchronise backend (app server) and frontend (gui client) but still not so clear.

1)why we have to do the flush

2)at which point or where to do the flush while using control like texteditor or other controls. I don't know where to do and why to do. what is the concept behind this.

3)Is it to make backend synchronized with frontend or make frontend synchronized with backend?

4)What is Automation queue and automation call? How do we know these?

5)how to queue the call in a table?

From the statement :

“Queue the calls in a special table and process the whole queue only upon well defined method calls, cl_gui_cfw=>flush.”

I read that “Events are sent from frontend to backend as function codes have to be interpreted using this method? Interprete the ok_code and find out which event type (double click ,…..)”

6)what is dispatch method does in cl_gui_cfw? Interprete the ok_code? Or is it used to check if the event has been registered in backend?

7)at which point we need to have cl_gui_cfw=>dispatch?

8) why register event need to define data table and working area? For example:

Data events type cntl_simple_events.

Data wa_events type cntl_simple_event.