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Feb 24, 2007 at 03:18 PM

How do I use the option "table view" in NetWeaver 2004s Query Designer?



We have used NetWeaver 2004s Query Designer, We found a strange problem. The option to select table view is not available. It is greyed out. How can you select table view (tabular) in 2004s Query Designer?

I have read the help doc about tabular view of NetWeaver 2004s Query Designer, I check my query, it has only one structure . but the option is still greyed out. I rebuild the query with 3.x Query Designer in tabular view, and reopen it with 2004s Query Designer, So there is a tab named "tabular view" display, but the option to select table view is still not available, and when users view the query result in web , it is still not in tabular view display. So I am confused, is there a bug with NetWeaver 2004s Query Designer?

Please help me. Thanks!