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May 22, 2017 at 04:17 PM

SYSTEM user is unable to grant Analytic Privilege to user


Hi all,

I have just created a HANA view from a DSO in a BW system on HANA. The view is created with analytic privileges set by default.

When I try to preview the data in the view I get an authorisation error:

>> Error: SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]: insufficient privilege

Running an authorisation trace on my user I can see the following error message in the trace file:

>> User MWHEATON is not authorized to access because he is missing any structured privileges applicable to that object

I have found what looks like a system-generated analytic privilege for the view, but when I log in as the SYSTEM user and try to assign that analytic privilege to my user (MWHEATON) I get the following error message:

>> "Could not modify user 'MWHEATON'. Could not grant privilege bw2hana/SAPABAP1_ZMARKDSO You are not authorized to perform the required actions"

The trace output for this activity looks like this:

>> insufficient privilege: Not authorized;;;;0;;9:HDBStudio;0;6:SYSTEM;


Now, I can get round this problem by just switching off the analytic privileges on the view, and that allows me to see the data just fine. But I think I am missing something big here so I would like to try to resolve the underlying issue of why I can't get the SYSTSEM user to grant the generated analytic privilege to my user.

All ideas & suggestions welcome.