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Execution Sequence of PO output type

May 22, 2017 at 04:19 PM


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Hi All,

We have non-SAP system(Ariba) which interacts with our SAP system. For Purchase Order, the development has been done so that when user selects 2 different output types(ZNE2 and ZARB) and triggers the output manually, ECC sends data to Ariba in 2 steps:

Step1(output type ZNE2): A pdf attahment is created from the PO and stored in a shared location(DocuSphere). The information about the pdf file is updated in a custom table.

Step2(output type ZARB): The driver program reads the information about the pdf file from the custom table, downloads the attachment and sends to Ariba along with an XML file.

Now, problem is when both are selected, these 2 are not executed as per the desired sequence - step2 is executed first and then step2 is executed. As a result the file being sent to Ariba is without attachment.

My guess is that, system is executing the output types according to the alphabetical order: ZAEB->ZNE2. Can anyone please confirm if that's right?

Also is there any configuration we can maintain in NACE to control the execution sequence of these 2 output types?



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Jelena Perfiljeva
May 23, 2017 at 07:29 PM

Message type is part of primary key in NAST, so it is likely that output is actually processed in the alphabetical order when created at the same time. Have not checked though. But, as Jacques correctly pointed out, even if it's not the case there is just no guarantee that one is finished before the other.

The whole design seems to be a bit shaky though. What if only ZARB selected? What does it do then? It doesn't look like it could ever be used alone, without ZNE2.

Why not just combine the two? Call ZNE2 "PDF only" and ZARB "PDF and XML". Put the PDF related code in something reusable, like function or class. Or maybe even have some automated process.

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thanks Jelena

Jacques Nomssi May 23, 2017 at 07:03 AM

Hello Sariful,

even if Step 1 starts before Step 2, it is not guaranteed to finish before Step 2 starts.

The following logic can work, but it takes some efforts to implement:

Add a check in Step 2 with the logic

  • verify the PDF was created.
  • If not, let the processing fail and generate a new message ZARB that will be processed later (WAIT statement). There should be a time limit.

hope this helps,


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hey thanks....