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Former Member
Feb 23, 2007 at 07:14 PM

Problems on Windows X64 with SQL2005 X64


Hi All:

After successful export with R3Load of a ECC5.00 (Kernel 6.40 Patch level 171) when we import the data into SQL2005 SP1 and after successful import into the target database, we have some inconsistencies in several DYNPROS, we got errors like this when we run several transactions:

BZW Error 2 during compression/decompression ( UNPAC)

AB0 Run-time error "DYNPRO_SYNTAX_ERROR" occurred

and in the trace files we found:

Fri Feb 23 16:12:35 2007

***LOG BZW=> error 2 on compression/decompression using UNPACK [dbdynp#1 @ 842] [dbdynp 0842 ]

      • ERROR => Involved dynpro: SAPMF02D - 0101

      dbdynp.c 842]

          • ERROR => DY-SRC_READ BUFFER: any error 4 [dgdynp.c 1225]

          It seems the DYNPROSOURCE table contains bad entries, but the export/import procedure was successful, we also execute "Tools for MS SQL" successfully.

          Any help will be greatly appreciated...!!!