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How to ONLY provide a CDS OData Service via Hana Express Web IDE & @OData.publish : true


We have gone through several tutorials on using OData services, but still find that documentation has some gaps.

The tutorials and documentation describe how to use the @OData.publish annotation and use the OData service from within a java application in the same package. We are trying to figure out how to ONLY deploy the published odata service as a stand-alone that could be consumed in a variety of places.

How do we do this?

The documentation for the @OData.publish : true feature, says that the service would be available at


but where exactly is that?

How do i find the baseurl+port that my oData service is exposed on after the build?



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  • Hi Everybody,

    I have almost the same problem - how to simply expose a oData service based on a .hdbcds data source - without the need to import a lot of modules and customize .yaml files - when we just want to provide an oData file based on a hana CDS definition - without the want to use this then in the hxe environment - just as a service for another provider.
    Is there a way to accomplish this ? I now get we need to use the java modules for the "@OData.publish : true" - but also the video is not up do date with the newest Web IDE on Hana anymore.

    But also with the .xsodata file the process seems to be a lot more complicated than on the normal HANA version where we just need to create the .hdbdd file and the .xsodata file based on this and we are fine to go :) - but in the hxe it looks just to complicated to publish a simple odata service and when I find a tutorial I need to go back and also do 5 other tutorials and create so many artifacts ?

  • That is the current state of development process. You need to create an MTA application as base to expose an OData service in the XSA environment. Using the module assistants makes it already very easy.

    The linked videos are based on HANA 2.0 SPS00, so they just the new features introduced with SPS01 are missing. But in general nothing has changed.

    In general I would say, that it is not really complicated to expose an OData service. As with every "new" technology, a person has to sit down, understand it and then (in most cases) it can be applied.

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